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In honor of Earth Day, here are a few tips to make your wedding beautifully green and environmentally responsible!

1. Donations - Instead of registering for gifts (or only for gifts), you can register for donations to your favorite nature-based charity or environmental organization. Or, give a small donation for each of your guests, and print up a pretty note in a frame as a favor.

2. Plantable invitations - Print your invitations (or menus, or programs, or escort cards) on paper with seeds imbedded inside. Guests can take them home and plant them for a lasting memento of your wedding!

3. Hemp clothing - Even wedding dresses can be made of natural hemp fiber: take a look at Threadhead Creations

4. Local goodies - Try giving honey from a small local farm for favors, using bouquets of locally grown flowers from an organic farm, or hiring a catering company that uses local farm produce and then donating the leftover food.

5. Growing centerpieces - Potted plants or baby trees make beautiful centerpieces and decorations, and they won't die and go to waste the next day!

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I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how happy I am that Billy and I chose you and Rachael as our planners. You have no idea how much peace of mind it gives me to know that you will be there to make sure our day goes smoothly and that you "have my back."